Miyazaki facing Hyuganada is situated in the mountains and the sea food is abundant throughout the year.
Strength is not only Miyazaki beef and chicken and mango, there are a number of specialties, above all because of the mild climate, is also available across the country ahead.
I took over the fourth generation from the predecessor, but only a quarter of a century, the cuisine is not fixed menu was also a daily challenge.
I hope to stick with a cuisine and decor of the room, and I would like you to spend time rich,Encouraged by your smile,There is actually my own fun.

ORYORI UOYASU Hirotoshi Watanabe
In 1958, as the eldest son born in the city of Miyazaki UOYASU.
After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Department of Law, Sophia University, through the airline magazine PR in Tokyo, covering the whole country as an editor of the weekly newspaper.
1988 Preceded by sudden death, returns home Miyazaki. Began his training on his own cuisine. Currently, cooks, treated blowfish Miyazaki, Bachelor of Law (since 1989, teaching in the College of Health Regulations confectionery cooking Miyazaki).
Unlimited liability joint-stock company employees UOYASU.


「赤江城ケ崎は撞木の町よ 鐘がなければ通られぬ」

,“Can not pass without money(Gold)”
The Ooyodo, which flows center of Miyazaki City,the riverside Akae-Jogasaki town used to flourish as a port-town in the age of Edo-period, it was said,“Can not pass without money(Gold)”.

In the year of 1895,We first open as a hotel.


Estuary of the Ooyodo, Akae and Jogasaki town was one of the largest port town in Miyazaki that a lot of cargo ship arrive from Kansai Area. However, the typhoon and hard rainings washed out the port town in long history, the center of Miyazaki has moved to Tachibana Area.

Taisho to Showa period

During the Taisho-period, we settle the branch restaurant in Tachibana Area,and in 1932 we moved to
Oota, where we settle now. In those days, we had house boat served fresh seafood, and the area was known as timber town. Every day, many people walk through, there used to have movie theatre, many restaurants and public bath which can not see nowadays.

During World War Ⅱ pilots had a send-off party at Uoyasu.

During WW2, many young pilots flew from Akae airport(which is now Miyazaki airport)..It is known as the sad story, in those days pilots had a send-off party at Uoyasu. There is a story, “People made a payment by rice instead of money”,”Using boar meat instead of beef”.

戦後 当店正面。昭和28年頃 高度成長期 中庭の池 月見台の奥には60畳敷きの広間が

Showa-Period ,in the period of high economic growth

During 1955 to 1965, Japan was in the period of high economic growth, and Miyazaki was major tour for married couples and students..Uoyasu became a big Inn with 40 rooms.Not only these people but also for sports athletes, such as baseball and soccer during the off season. The first camp was held by Kintetsu in the late 1940s, which name was Kintetsu Pearls in those days. Still, many athletes visit Miyazaki in February.

高度成長期 昭和50年代のホテル時代 遠浅の青島海水浴場(魚安パンフレットから) 魚安屋上からの大淀川の眺め(魚安パンフレットから)

And now

Now, we have changed into Japanese restaurant, but our mind has not changed.
All the guests are welcome to spend a comfortable and special time at Uoyasu.

魚安 玄関 魚安 山祇